World Games Snooker Championships Mix Gender - Wrocław / Poland 2017

Number of players: 16      
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Last 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
1Allister Carter3
16Shaun Dalitz01Allister Carter3
9Declan Brennan39Declan Brennan1
8Wendy Jans11Allister Carter3
5Aditya Mehta14Xu Si0
12Kacper Filipiak312Kacper Filipiak2
13Mohammad Bilal04Xu Si3
4Xu Si34Xu Si21Allister Carter1
3Soheil Vahedi33Soheil Vahedi32Kyren Wilson3
14Peter Francisco13Soheil Vahedi3
11Alexander Ursenbacher311Alexander Ursenbacher1
6Andrew Pagett13Soheil Vahedi0
7Ng On Yee22Kyren Wilson3
10Michael Judge310Michael Judge1
15Andres Petrov12Kyren Wilson3
2Kyren Wilson3

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